Pre Con Budget / Anaylsis

ACS offers preconstruction services inclusive of:

• Site Selection Review

• Pre-signing Lease Review

• Site Review (Prior to tenant acceptance of space from Landlord)• Conceptual Design Review / Consultation

• Conceptual Budgeting and Design/Development Budget Updates

• Preconstruction Value Engineering Analysis / Cost effective design suggestions

• Lead Time / Schedule Analysis

• Exploratory Demolition (to assist design / engineering team)

• Design Mock-up Construction Building Information Modeling

• Constructability Review As with any project, proper early planning is a key to success. We strongly encourage clients to engage us early on in the planning process to take advantage of the significant additional value that we can provide to a project throughout the preconstruction phase. Risks are greatly mitigated through qualified preconstruction activities. Our team has the experience and expertise to provide our clients with sound information from which they can make informed decisions. The preconstruction services that we provide protect our clients from potential pitfalls or oversights that they may not have otherwise discovered or considered without engaging ACS in the preconstruction process.

We also take exceptional pride in our ability to provide accurate conceptual budgets to our clients. Through our years of experience, we have compiled a significant amount of real historical data that we draw on to develop our budgets. We work to provide a high level of detail in our conceptual budgets that allows clients and architects to easily follow and understand the budget and they are able make informed decisions based on the information provided